Dr. Andrew K. Johnston


Andrew Johnston's research focuses on using remote sensing techniques to understand environmental and land cover dynamics. He develops and implements museum exhibits, programs, publications, and public lectures on earth and space science. He received his PhD in Geographical Sciences from the University of Maryland, College Park, where his research focused on remote sensing of urban forest dynamics. Johnston received an MA in geography from the University of Maryland and a BA in geography from George Washington University.

Geoscience Research
Johnston performs research to investigate land cover changes, forest canopy dynamics, and patterns of human settlement. These projects utilize remote sensing techniques to observe environmental and geophysical processes. Johnston also participates in research projects aimed at better understanding the geology and geophysics of Earth and other terrestrial planets, performing field work using high precision survey gear. He has applied remote sensing, geospatial analysis, and field survey techniques for planetary and terrestrial research projects.

Earth and Space Science Outreach
Johnston serves as curator and content expert on museum exhibits, and develops educational outreach activities and museum programs. He creates content for public programs and museum exhibits on geography and geospatial technology. Johnston perform frequent lectures on themes such as earth science, remote sensing, climate change, astronomy, and space exploration. He develops and reviews science publications for general audiences, and provides content and develops themes for production of planetarium programming.