The Birth of the Balloon

The invention of the balloon struck the men and women of the late 18th century like a thunderbolt. Enormous crowds gathered in Paris to watch one balloon after another rise above the city rooftops, carrying the first human beings into the air in the closing months of 1783.The excitement quickly spread to other European cities where the first generation of aeronauts demonstrated the wonder of flight. Everywhere the reaction was the same. In an age when men and women could fly, what other wonders might they achieve.

"Among all our circle of friends," one observer noted, "at all our meals, in the antechambers of our lovely women, as in the academic schools, all one hears is talk of experiments, atmospheric air, inflammable gas, flying cars, journeys in the sky." Single sheet prints illustrating the great events and personalities in the early history of ballooning were produced and sold across Europe. The balloon sparked new fashion trends and inspired new fads and products. Hair and clothing styles, jewelry, snuffboxes, wallpaper, chandeliers, bird cages, fans, clocks, chairs, armoires, hats, and other items, were designed with balloon motifs.

Thanks to the generosity of several generations of donors, the National Air and Space Museum maintains one of the world's great collections of objects and images documenting and celebrating the invention and early history of the balloon. Visitors to the NASM's Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center at Dulles International Airport can see several display cases filled with the riches of this collection. We are pleased to provide visitors to our web site with access to an even broader range of images and objects from this period. We invite you to share at least a small taste of the excitement experienced by those who witness the birth of the air age.

Tom D. Crouch

Senior Curator, Aeronautics

National Air and Space Museum


Gift of the Estate of Constance Morss Fiske in memory of Gardiner H. Fiske

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  • Flip-Flap
    Country of Origin: Italy
    Date: circa 1911
    Type: ART-Posters, Original Art Quality
  • International Aviation Tournament Belmont Park
    Country of Origin: United States of America
    Manufacturer: American Lithographic Co.
    Date: 1910
    Type: ART-Posters, Original Art Quality
  • William J. Hammer Collection, 1881-1934 (bulk [ca. 1905-1915])
    Creator: Hammer, William Joseph 1858-1934
    Subject: Hammer, William Joseph 1858-1934
    Wright, Wilbur 1867-1912
    Curtiss, Glenn Hammond 1878-1930
    Hudson-Fulton Celebration 1909
    Date: 1881
    bulk ca 1905-1915
    Type: Correspondence
    Collection descriptions
    Topic: Aeronautics
  • Harvard-Boston Aero Meet
    Country of Origin: United States of America
    Artist: Bartholomew
    Credit Line: Gift of Bella Clara Landauer.
    Date: 1910
    Type: ART-Posters, Original Art Quality
  • St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line
    Country of Origin: United States of America
    Publisher: Independent Job Department
    Sponsor: St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line, United States of America, founded 1914
    Date: 1914
    Type: ART-Posters, Original Art Quality
  • Matthew Bacon Sellers II Collection, 1889-1924
    Place: Fort Myer (Va.)
    Creator: Sellers, Matthew Bacon, II 1869-1932
    Subject: Sellers, Matthew Bacon, II 1869-1932
    1909 Fort Myer Military Trials
    Date: 1889
    Type: Reports
    Collection descriptions
    Topic: Aerodynamics
    Wind tunnels
    Aeronautics, Military
    Aeronautics, Commercial
    Sellers 1908 Quadruplane (Sellers No 5)
    Sellers 1909 Quadruplane (Sellers No 6)
    Sellers 1924 Multiplane
    Wright (Co) Type A Family