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Lecture Programs

Jennifer Levasseur

Ask an Expert
Every week, Museum experts talk to the public about the history, objects, or personalities related to a specific artifact or exhibition in the Museum. Watch previous Ask an Expert lectures and view a schedule of upcoming lectures below.

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Gen. J. R. "Jack" Dailey

GE Aviation Lecture Series
Every spring and fall guest lecturers discuss aviation- and space-related topics. This series is made possible by the generous support of GE Aviation.

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Artists Concept for ESLS

Exploring Space Lecture Series
Hear about recent innovative missions and take a look back at the history of space exploration with distinguished lecturers on the forefront of space science and history.

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Smithsonian's Stars Lecture Series
Curious about our nearest star, Moon rocks, volcanoes, and other wonders of the universe? Listen to Smithsonian researchers who are exploring the Sun, the Moon, planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe.

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John Glenn dressed in flight gear, circa 1943

John H. Glenn Lecture in Space History
Each year, legendary figures in space history reflect on their distinguished careers.

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Charles Lindbergh in Spirit of St. Louis

Charles A. Lindbergh Memorial Lecture
Every May, to celebrate the anniversary of Lindbergh's historic flight on May 21, 1927, guest lecturers discuss their inspiring careers in aviation.

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Alan Bean

National Air and Space Society - Member Only Events
Among the many benefits of membership in the Museum's National Air and Space Society is an invitation to the Society's annual Vice Adm. Donald D. Engen Flight Jacket Night lecture. Featured speakers are accomplished leaders in aviation and spaceflight.

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