Mutual Concerns

Mutual Concerns

Marketplace and Vendor Opportunities

The world's top aviation and space museums will be meeting in 2016 at the Mutual Concerns of Air and Space Museums Conference. This unique and popular annual gathering brings together museum professionals to share their challenges and successes, learn about different and new approaches in their field, and seek better ways of doing business.


The event draws over 150 participants from over 100 of the finest museums across the globe, as well as a number of small and growing institutions looking for support and ideas.

Marketplace Overview

The conference includes a "Marketplace," which features a small group of exhibitors who offer expertise, goods, and services to the museum community. Each year, we look forward to seeing the familiar faces of our loyal exhibitors to hear about their latest offerings and innovations. We also seek out a limited number of new exhibitors, so our attendees can learn about different services every year they attend.

Areas of Interest to Participants

-- website development
-- e-commerce and e-newsletters
-- admissions/ticketing
-- corporate events
-- retail sales
-- fundraising
-- increasing membership, donations, and attendance
-- attraction-based exhibits
-- interactive device development
-- artifact and collections management
-- conservation and restoration
-- exhibit design, lighting, acoustics, and fabrication
-- security
-- new technologies
-- professional consulting

More information about 2016 conference, including vendor registration, will be released at a later date.