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Mariner Missions to Mars

Mariner 4 Image
  Mariner 4

Launched: November 28, 1964
Mars Flyby: July 14, 1965
Experiments: TV subsystem, helium magnetometer, solar-plasma probe, ionization chamber and geiger counter, trapped-radiation detector, cosmic-ray telescope, cosmic dust detector, radio-occultation experiment.
Mission Ended: December 20, 1967 after 1,118 days.


Mariner 6 Image
  Mariner 6 and 7

Launched: February 24 and March 27 1969
Mars Flyby: July 31 and August 5, 1969
Experiments: Television experiment (long and short range photography), ultraviolet spectrometer (upper atmosphere), infrared spectrometer (lower atmosphere), infrared radiometer (surface temperature), S-band radio occultation (atmospheric pressure, density), celestial mechanics (gravitational field).


Mariner 9 spacecraft


Mariner 9

Launched: May 30 1971
Entered Mars Orbit: November 13, 1971
Experiments: Television (photograph entire planet surface), ultraviolet spectroscopy (atmosphere/surface relief), infrared spectroscopy (atmosphere/surface material), infrared radiometer (surface temperature), celestial mechanics (gravity, topographic data), S-band occultation (atmospheric temperature, pressure/ionosphere).
Mission Ended: after 349 days having achieved all mission objectives.


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