Mars Pathfinder 3D Anaglyphs

Get out your red/blue glasses to view the Mars Pathfinder landing site in 3D.

Part of Color "Super Pan " Anaglyph

This color 3D anaglyph is one section of the high resolution "Super Panorama" of the Mars Pathfinder landing site (not yet released).

303k JPEG

Lander Airbags from Rover Anaglyph

The images making up this 3D anaglyph were taken by the rover Sojourner. The Mars Pathfinder lander is pictured with deflated airbags and rover ramp.

93k JPEG

3D Anaglyph Panorama

This panorama was released on July 11, 1997. The panorama can be viewed in it's entirety or piece by piece. There are 22 pieces listed below by size.

Full Pan - 294k JPEG

190k JPEG

65k JPEG

42k JPEG

53k JPEG

74k JPEG

201k JPEG

47k JPEG

54k JPEG

204k JPEG

76k JPEG

59k JPEG

202k JPEG

54k JPEG

54k JPEG

51k JPEG

202k JPEG

54k JPEG

215k JPEG

54k JPEG

224k JPEG
223k JPEG

60k JPEG

Dunes on Mars

This color 3D anaglyph taken on Sol 76 shows dunes in the foreground and the "Twin Peaks" in the distance (~1km away). This area is not visible from the Lander camera.

264k GIF

Rocks and North Peak

This stereo image shows North Peak in the distance and rocks in the foreground. Notice the shadow of the rover at bottom.

572k GIF

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