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Every day the world is viewed from diverse platforms circling the globe at different altitudes within the realms of air and space. Some are near and some are distant, but they all reveal the Earth from new perspectives.

47k JPG
View from a hilltop in the Western Desert of Egypt, about 10 meters (30 feet) high.
Courtesy of Ted Maxwell

46k JPG
Nantucket, Mass. viewed from the Goodyear blimp approximately 300 meters (about 980 feet) high.
Photograph by Jim Dexter, Courtesy of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

73k JPG
Aerial photo of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho taken from a lear jet at approximately 12 kilometers (40,000 feet).
Courtesy of EROS Data Center, U.S. Geological Survey

42k JPG
Early Landsat satellite image showing central Italy from an altitude of 917 kilometers (570 miles).
Courtesy of ERIM International, Inc.

27k JPG
GOES-1 weather satellite view from 35,800 kilometers (22,300 miles).
Courtesy of National Environmental Satellite Data, and Information Service, NOAA.

7k JPG
The Earth and Moon as seen by the Galileo spacecraft from a distance of 6.2 million kilometers (about 3.9 million miles).
NASA/JPL image

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