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This section is an alphabetic index to the major artifacts in the gallery see also the Complete List of Artifacts

Gallery Map by Artifact | Gallery Map by Topic

de Havilland DH-4 || The Sky Spies

Discoverer-13 reentry pod || The Sky Spies

GOES (1/2 Scale Model) || A Satellite for all Seasons

ITOS || A Satellite for all Seasons

LANDSAT 4 (1:4 Scale Model) || Orbital Vistas

Large Format Camera(Full-scale Model) || Orbital Vistas

Lockheed U-2 aircraft || The Sky Spies

Multi-Spectral Scanner || Orbital Vistas

Skyhook Camera || A Bird's Eye View

Thematic Mapper (Full-scale Model) || Orbital Vistas

TIROS || A Satellite for all Seasons

U-2 Camera || The Sky Spies

U-2 Pressure Suit || The Sky Spies

Complete list of artifacts in the gallery