Moving Beyond Earth

Moving Beyond Earth is an immersive exhibition that places visitors “in orbit” in the shuttle and space-station era to explore recent human spaceflight and future possibilities. An expansive view of the Earth as viewed from the space station drifts over one gallery wall, while a fly-around tour of the International Space Station fills another wall. A presentation stage for live events, broadcasts, and webcasts at the center of the gallery serves as the platform for SpaceFlight Academy, a group quiz game where visitors can test their space smarts and become “flight ready.”

Presentation Center Programs


Signature artifacts reflect the exhibition's themes: a 12-foot-tall space shuttle model and other launch-vehicle models represent the quest for routine access to space; astronaut gear, spacesuit gloves, and parts of the Hubble Space Telescope convey the challenges of living and working in space; the suit worn by space tourist Dennis Tito and a model Ares launch vehicle suggest future prospects for commercial spaceflight and heading to the Moon.

Museum visitors can also experience aspects of spaceflight through interactive computer kiosks: serving as mission control's flight director to keep a shuttle mission on track, equipping a new module for the space station, manipulating and assembling space station elements, and matching visitors' interests to jobs in the spaceflight work force. The historic artifacts and decision-making electronics are engaging opportunities for visitors to explore the achievements and challenges of human spaceflight.

The Google Earth Station, also known as the Liquid Galaxy, allows visitors to explore the Earth, Moon, and Mars in an immersive interactive display.

Google Earth Station in <i>Moving Beyond Earth</I>