My Shuttle Memories

If you ever saw a space shuttle orbiter launch or land, the Moving Beyond Earth exhibit team wants to see your photos! Upload your photos to Flickr and share them in our group called "My Space Shuttle Memories: Launches and Landings." We may include your photo on this web page and in the exhibition in Washington, DC. Please see the Flickr group for more details.

Project Update - June 2014: After reviewing initial submissions, the team has selected thirty-nine to go in the exhibition and on this page. Preview the exhibition slideshow.



How will I know if my photo was selected for the exhibition?
You will be contacted via Flickr message. We will send you an email address that you can use to contact us if you opt to have your photo added to the Museum's permanent collection.

What criteria are you using to select photos?
Photos will be selected by a curator of the Moving Beyond Earth exhibition. We are looking for photos that represent the diversity of people who witnessed a shuttle launch or landing. We welcome photos that illustrate a variety of perspectives and experiences.

If my photo is selected, when will it be displayed in the Museum?
Photos will be routinely rotated through the exhibition display, so we will not be able to provide specific timing of when your photo might be displayed in the Museum. However, all photos that are selected will be displayed on the Museum website for the length of the project.

How long do I have to submit my photos?
We will actively select photos for the exhibition for at least one year (September 2013 to September 2014). Depending on response, we may extend the project. The Flickr group will remain active indefinitely and you may continue to add photos.

Can I submit scans of print photos?