Past Exhibitions List

Exhibitions in the Flight and the Arts Gallery

1976–78       Flight and the Arts

1979–81       Our Beautiful Earth: The View from Air and Space

1980–90       “S.S. Pussiewillow II” by Rowland Emett

1981–82       Assignment: Aviation. The Stuart M. Speiser Photo-Realist Collection

1982–83       The Artist and the Space Shuttle: Selections from the NASA Art Program

1983–84       At Home in the Sky: The Aviation Art of Frank Wootton

1984–85       The Art of Robert McCall

1985–86       Fire and Ice: A History of Comets in Art

1986–87       Earth Views: The Looking at Earth Art Contest / Space Shuttle Photography

1987–88       Into the Sunlit Splendor: The Aviation Art of William S. Phillips

1988–89       Horizons: Paintings and Drawings by Robert Taylor

1989             Aeropittura Futurista: Images of Flight in Italian Art from 1913 to 1942

1989–90       Too Late for the Past, Too Early for the Future: Drawings and Things by Rowland Emett

1991–92       Art of the Cosmic Age

1992–93       Star Trek

1993–94       A ‘Blueprint for Space’ from Collier’s Magazine, 1952 to 1954

1994–95       Aerial Inspirations: Silk Batiks by Mary Edna Fraser

1995             Flight Time Barbie: Dolls from the Popular Culture Collection of the National Air and Space Museum

1995–96       Flights of Fancy: Photographs by Jacques-Henri Lartigue, 1904-1922

1996–97       Coming to a Galaxy Near You . . . (Stars Wars preview exhibit)

1997–99       Stars Wars: The Magic of Myth

2000             Looping the Loop: Posters of Early Flight (SITES exhibition)

2000–01       Explore the Universe gallery preview exhibit

2002             At the Controls: The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Looks at Cockpits (SITES exhibition)

2004–06       Generous Friends: Building an Art Collection for the National Air and Space Museum

2006–08       Treasures of American History (National Museum of American History exhibition)

2009             Spectacular Saturn: Images from the Cassini-Huygens Mission

2009–10       Alan Bean: Painting Apollo

2010–11       Beyond: Visions of Our Solar System

2011             NASA Art: 50 Years of Exploration (SITES exhibition)

2012–13       Fly Marines! The Centennial of Marine Corps Aviation, 1912-2012

2013             High Art: A Decade of Collecting / Suited for Space (SITES exhibition) / Searching for Goldilocks

2014             Spirit & Opportunity: 10 Years Roving Across Mars