National Air and Space Museum Board

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National Air and Space Museum Board

National Air and Space Museum Board members in 2009.
Standing Row, left to right: Charles Thornton, Jon Reynolds*, Roger Percy, Kenneth Gazzola*, Allan Holt, Rodney Lewis, Edsel Ford II, Matthew Weisman, Clayton Jones, Joe Clark, Randy Jayne, Frederick Telling*, Dollie Cole*
Sitting Row, left to right: Susan Hutchison, Herbert Kelleher, Thomas Pumpelly, John Plueger, David Hurley*, Agnes Brown

*Emeritus Members

Board Members not pictured: Javier Arango, Wesley Bush, Joe Clark, Taylor Glover, Randall Greene, James Guyette, Steven Loranger, Allan McArtor, Robert Mittman, Lloyd Newton, Jack Pelton, Richard Sugden.


Image Number: WEB11240-2009
Credit: Smithsonian Institution
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