The Sun - July 19, 2012

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The Sun - July 19, 2012

This image of the Sun was taken with a hydrogen-alpha telescope on July 19, 2012 at 1 p.m., just before the Public Observatory opened for the afternoon.

The Sun was relatively quiet that day, though solar maximum (the peak of sunspot activity) is forecasted to be less than a year away.  Just two sunspots were visible.  To lower left, sunspot 1525 is marked by a bright plage (cloud of hot gas) above it.  Sunspot 1523 has almost rotated out of view to lower right.

Though there are several prominences visible around the edge of the Sun, none are very dramatic.  The bright, low prominence to the right stands about as tall as the Earth.

Telescope: Lunt 100mm Hydrogen-alpha

Camera: SkyNYX 2-2M

Image Number: WEB12555-2012
Credit: Image by Geneviève de Messières, Smithsonian Public Observatory Project
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