National Air and Space Museum Board

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National Air and Space Museum Board

The Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum Board is comprised of distinguished supporters of the air and space community who provide leadership, advice, and support to the Museum's Director.

Standing Row, Left to Right: General John R. Dailey, Director, National Air and Space Museum, Mr. S. Taylor Glover, Mr. Stuart L. Fred, Mr. Rodney R. Lewis, Mr. Jamie J. McJunkin, Mr. John L. Plueger, Mr. Ralph D. Heath, Mr. Steven VanRoekel, Mr. Bruce R. McCaw, Mr. Joe Clark, Mr. Javier F. Arango

Sitting Row, left to right: Mr. John Safer, Mr. Robert James, Mr. T. Allan McArtor, Mrs. Agnes M. Brown, Mr. Herbert D. Kelleher, Dr. Eva Pell, Under Secretary for Science, Smithsonian Institution, Mr. James M. Guyette, Mr. Randall A. Greene, Mr. David L. Joyce, Mr. David C. Hurley, Mr. Donald W. Kirlin, Mr. Roger D. Percy


Image Number: WEB12720-2013
Credit: National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution
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