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Two Mercury Astronauts Speak at the 2011 John H. Glenn Lecture


We invite legendary pilots, astronauts, scientists, historians, and other experts in the field of aviation and spaceflight to speak at the Museum on a regular basis. Most of our lectures are webcast, recorded, and archived for your enjoyment.

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Online Conferences

Below is an archive of online conferences produced by our staff. During these conferences, participants from around the world engaged in interactive discussions with our experts about various topics related to aviation and space history.


Learn by doing! Explore the science of aerodynamics, learn about the cultural history surrounding aviation, test your knowledge of geography, and more through these interactive activities.

Time and Navigation

Online Conference:Time and Navigation. Learn from the experts who developed the Time and Navigation exhibition.

How Things Fly

How Things Fly

Learn about the basic principles of flight.

Airplane Anatomy

Screenshot of Wright Brother Activity

Activities focused on the Wright brothers and the first airplane.

Apollo Space Program

Apollo 11 Photograph - Buzz Aldrin

Online Conference: Apollo Space Program. For secondary school students and educators.

Geography From Space

Geography from Space

Test your geography knowledge with this online quiz.

Have we Imagined Other Worlds?

Ray Guns

Online Conference: How Have we Imagined Other Worlds? Learn how space-themed science fiction and toys inspired our fascination with the "space frontier."

America by Air

Boeing 747 Forward Fuselage in America by Air

Activities focused on the development of commercial aviation.

Mr. Lincoln's Air Force

Online Conference: Mr. Lincoln's Air Force
Learn about Civil War ballooning.

Pioneers of Flight

Anne Lindbergh

Activities that explore the challenges of aviation and rocket pioneers from the 1920s and 30s.