Voyager Spacecraft

Learn how we explore space through our collection of space science artifacts.

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Edinburgh Airport

Journey to airports around the globe in Art of the Airport Tower.

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Traverse Aeolian Ridges on Mars

Our scientists are involved in current research about the Martian climate and geology.

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<em> Boeing Milestones of Flight Hall</em>

Get the latest on the renovation of our Boeing Milestones of Flight Hall.

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Stem in 30

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Don't miss our live, fast-paced webcasts designed for the classroom.

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Apollo 14 Crew Examine Lunar Samples

A Most Interesting Man on the Moon: Remembering Edgar D. Mitchell

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Horten H IX V3

Learn how we're preserving one of the most unusual WWII aircraft.

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Detail of Friendship 7

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Upcoming Events

NASA Astronaut Stephanie Wilson
Spotlight Event
February 20
African American Pioneers in Aviation and Space
Museum in DC
Test Flight Mannequin named "Ivan Ivanovich" in Space Race
February 10
The Flight of Ivan Ivanovich and the Lost Cosmonaut Conspiracy
Presenter: Thomas Ellis
Museum in DC
Mercury Phonebooth and Star Wars Mailbox
February 11
Star Wars: The Stuff
Presenter: Margaret Weitekamp
Udvar-Hazy Center in VA
Smithsonian TechQuest: Astronaut Academy
February 12
Astronaut Academy
Udvar-Hazy Center in VA
Smithsonian TechQuest: Astronaut Academy
February 13
Astronaut Academy
Udvar-Hazy Center in VA