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Curtiss OX-5

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This object is on display in the Golden Age of Flight exhibition at the National Mall building.


More than 10,000 of these V-8 engines were manufactured, most of them for use in Curtiss JN-4 Jenny trainers. After World War I, thousands of OX-5s and Jennies were sold to the public at a fraction of their original cost to the government. In addition, during the 1920s, airplanes powered by the OX-5 engine were developed for civil aircraft by Waco, Laird, Curtiss, Fairchild, Alexander, Travel Air, and many other firms.

The availability of a well-proven, inexpensive engine in such quantity was a mixed blessing -- it allowed many people to fly who could not afford a more expensive engine, but manufacturers of more modern power plants suffered.

On Loan from the War Department, Air Service, Washington, D.C.

Manufacturer: Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company
Willys-Morrow Company (Curtiss)

Designer: Glenn H. Curtiss

Date: 1919

Country of Origin: United States of America

Dimensions: Length 144.1 cm (56.75 in.), Width 75.6 cm (29.75 in.,) Height 93.3 cm (36.75 in.)

Physical Description:Type: Reciprocating, water-cooled, V-8 Power rating: 67 kW (90 hp) at 1,200 rpm Displacement: 8.3 L (502.8 cu in) Bore and Stroke: 102 mm (4 in.) x 127 mm (5 in.) Weight (dry): 145 kg (320 lb)

Inventory number: A19200008000

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