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Elbridge Featherweight

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This object is on display in the Early Flight exhibition at the National Mall building.


The Elbridge Engine Company of Rochester, New York built light-weight, two-cycle marine engines. Several were sold to builders of aircraft such as Curtiss and Farman types between 1908 and 1910. In particular, they were used by flying schools to teach amateur pilots.

Two cycle engines were not used very long because of high fuel consumption, and were replaced by reliable four-cycle engines within a few years. Elbridge engines were unique in having an unlimited warranty on manufacturing defects.

Gift of William D. Parker.

Manufacturer: Elbridge Engine Company (Rochester, New York)

Date: 1910

Country of Origin: United States of America

Dimensions: Length 81.3 cm (32.0 in.), Width 31.8 cm (12.5 in.), Height 51.4 cm (20.25 in.)

Physical Description:Type: Reciprocating, In-line, 3 cylinders, water-cooled, two-stroke cycle Horsepower: 22 - 34 kW (30 - 45 hp) at 1,400 rpm Displacement: 3.70 L (226 cu in) Bore and Stroke: 117.48 mm (4.625 in) x 114.30 mm (4.5 in) Weight (wet): 68.1 kg (150 lb)

Inventory number: A19560077000

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