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Collier Plaque

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This object is on display in the Early Flight exhibition at the National Mall building.


In 1911, Glenn Curtiss was awarded the prestigious Collier Trophy for the development of the hydroaeroplane, a land airplane mounted on floats. In 1913, Curtiss developed the first practical and highly successful flying boat, the Model E, with the entire fuselage being a hull rather than mounting the aircraft on floats. The later Model F perfected the flying boat design with the incorporation of a V hull, supplanting the less efficient flat-bottomed hull of the Model E.

Bequest of the Estate of Glenn H. Curtiss

Date: 1911

Country of Origin: United States of America

Dimensions: 3-D: 27.9 x 2.5 x 35.6cm (11 x 1 x 14 in.)

Materials: Walnut Brass

Physical Description:This metal rectangular plaque is mounted on a rectangular piece of wood. The embossed text on the plaque reads: The Collier Trophy donated by Robert J. Collier Awarded annually by the National Aeronautics Association for the greatest achievement in aviation in America, the value of which has been thoroughly demonstrated by actual use during the preceding year. Awarded to Glenn H. Curtiss for Hydro-Aeroplane Development 1911.

Inventory number: A19730608000

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