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Coat, Service, Officer, Regia Aeronautica, Maj. Gen. Alberto Briganti

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This object is on display in the World War II Aviation exhibition at the National Mall building.


This is a standard issue Regia Aeronautica senior officer's uniform coat. This coat was worn by Maj. Gen.Alberto Briganti. Briganti commanded Italy's north western aerial defense Zone 1, or Squadra 1 (SQA1). The protection of Italy's industries centered at Milan was Brigant's primary concern.

Donated by Museo Caproni

Country of Origin: Italy

Dimensions: Clothing (On Mannequin): 73.7 x 45.7 x 15.2cm (29 x 18 x 6 in.)

Materials: Overall: Wool

Physical Description:Maj. Gen. Alberto Briganti's Regia Aeronautica slate blue wool officer's service coat; single breasted hip length; two upper button flap pockets with box pleat; two lower button flap pockets; four gold buttons down front with embossed eagle surmounted by Italian crown; drop collar with open lapels; attached waist belt with slip through brass buckle; gold wire General of Air Division rank insignia on each cuff; gold wire senior officer of aviation insignia on each shoulder; one piece stamped gold five point star and Italian crown on each collar; one piece stamped gold eagle surmounted by Italian crown pilot's badge on left breast over ribbon bars; f fourteen medal ribbons over left breast pocket [1. Ordine Militare di Savoia Cavaliere (Military Order of Savoy, Cavaliere) 2. Medaglie al Valore Militare Oro (Gold Medal for Military Valor) 3. Medaglie al Valore Militare Oro (Gold Medal for Military Valor) 4. Croce al Merito di Guerro (War Cross of Merit) 5. Lunga Navigazione Aerea (Long Aerial Navigation Award) 6. Croce al Merito di Guerro (War Cross of Merit with two gold stars) 7. Medaglie Mauritian 10 Lustri Servizio Militare (Mauritian Medal for Long Military Service) 8. Ordine della Corona d'Italia Grand Ufficiale (Order of the Crown of Italy Grand Official) 9. Ordine Coloniale della Stella d'Italia Cavaliere Ufficiale (Colonial Order of teh Star of Italy) 10. Guerre 1915-1918 (World War I War Medal) 11. Guerre Italio-Turca-Libia 1911 (Italian-Turkish-Libyan War 1911) 12. Guerre 1940-1943 (World War II War Medal) 13. UNKNOWN 14. UNKNOWN].

Inventory number: A19790113000

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