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Camera, Data Acquisition, Lunar Rover, 16mm, Apollo

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This object is on display in the Apollo to the Moon exhibition at the National Mall building.


Manufacturer: J. A. Maurer, Inc.

Country of Origin: United States of America

Dimensions: Overall: 6 in. tall x 10 in. long (15.24 x 25.4cm)

Materials: Body: aluminum Lens: aluminum, plastic, glass

This 16mm Data Acquisition Camera (DAC) was manufactured by J. A. Maurer Company for the Apollo program, though it never flew on a mission. DACs were used in both the command and lunar modules during the program to document docking and undocking procedures, as well as descent to and ascent from the lunar surface.

NASA transferred this camera to the Museum in 1989.

Transferred from NASA - Johnson Space Center

Inventory number: A19890115000

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