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Continental C-125-2 Horizontally-opposed Engine

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This object is on display in the How Things Fly exhibition at the National Mall building.


Continental C-125-2

Using a four-stroke cycle, this aircraft engine converts reciprocating (piston) action into rotary (crankshaft) motion. The rotating crankshaft turns a propeller, which creates thrust and causes the aircraft to move forward.

This particular engine powered a 1940s-era Globe Swift GC-1B, a light general aviation aircraft. While aircraft piston engine technology has improved greatly over time, the basic operating principles have remained the same.

Gift of Michael H. Bednarek, Swift Museum Foundation, Inc., G. Porter Houston, and Robert H. Padgett

Manufacturer: Continental, Inc.

Date: 1946

Country of Origin: United States of America

Dimensions: Length 101.3 cm (39.875 in.), Width 80 cm (31.5 in.), Height 67.9 cm (26.75 in.)

Physical Description:Type: , 6 cylinders, air-cooled Power rating: 93.2 KW (125 hp) at 2,550 rpm Displacement: 4.6 L (282 cu in) Bore and Stroke: 103.2 mm (4.0625 in) x 92 mm ( 3.625 in) Weight (dry): 116.6 kg (257 lb) Condition: Complete; front two cylinders and crankcase sectionalized; rotating display; on original engine mount and in plexiglas display case with labels.

Inventory number: A19930085000

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