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Button, Lindbergh, King Collection

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This object is on display in the Barron Hilton Pioneers of Flight Gallery exhibition at the National Mall building.


This pin represents the public and commercial response to Charles Lindbergh's flights in the "Spirit of St. Louis." Lindbergh's nonstop, solo flight in the "Spirit" from New York to Paris in 1927 catapulted him into fame and celebrity and made him a household name overnight. His name and likeness were featured on everything from pins to ashtrays to wristwatches. More than 75 years after the "Spirit's" historic flight, Lindbergh's name still has the power to help sell merchandise.

Gift of the Stanley King Family.

Dimensions: 2-D - Unframed (H x W): 5.4cm (2 1/8 in. dia.)

Materials: Metal, ferrous in nature, paper and plastic

Physical Description:A circular white button with a metal pin attached to the back. In the center of the button is a photograph of Lindbergh wearing a suit and tie. Black lettering around the image reads "Welcome to Our Hero Col. Chas. A Lindbergh"

Inventory number: A20040296000

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