Subseries VII:  Photographs I. Photographic sub-subseries
Subseries VIII: Keystone Aircraft Corporation

The original Keystone Aircraft Corporation was founded in 1920, in Ogdensburg, New York, as Huff-Daland Airplanes Incorporated, with a contract for Army Training Planes. In the fall of 1925, Huff-Daland moved operations to a new plant in Bristol, Pennsylvania, in order to have larger facilities, a better labor market, and a more central location between Trenton and Philadelphia on the main line of the Pennsylvania Railroad. On March 8, 1927, the name of the Company was changed to Keystone Aircraft Corporation. Keystone supplied airplanes to the U.S. Government and civil operators in a number of countries. The name of Huff Daland was retained for company's cotton dusting subsidiary, which was created in 1921 in Monroe, Louisiana, and then liquidated in 1928. In October 1928, Keystone announced its purchase of Loening Aeronautical Engineering Corporation of New York and production of Loening aircraft moved to the Bristol plant. Secondary sources indicate that Keystone was acquired by Wright Aeronautical Corporation in 1928 but no report of this occurs in Keystone's Annual Report for the period ending December 31, 1928. It is known, however, that in 1929 Keystone became a manufacturing division of Curtiss-Wright following the merger that created this company. Due in part to the slump in the private aircraft market and a decrease in the government contracts for military aircraft, the Bristol plant closed in 1932 and the Keystone division of Curtiss-Wright ceased to exist.

The Keystone Aircraft Corporation subseries consists of approximately 0.4 cubic feet of photographic material relating to the Bristol plant and aircraft manufactured by Keystone and approximately 0.7 cubic feet of documentary material which includes company records, aircraft specifications, product information, reports, correspondence, and drawings. This subseries has, therefore, been divided into the following two sub-subseries:

  1. I. Photographic sub-subseries
  2. II. Documentary sub-subseries

Materials in both sub-subseries span the years 1927 to 1932.

Original order, when identified, has been maintained. The "Listing of Archival Materials" created during the 1969 appraisal commissioned by Curtiss-Wright Corporation prior to donating these records to the National Air and Space Museum Archives, was used in reconstructing a few missing file titles.

Most of the photographic files were originally filed behind dividers, which are indicated in the finding aid in bold capitalized headings. Prior to processing, many of these photographs were removed to be included on videodisc 7A, then housed within the National Air and Space Museum Videodisc Collection. The removal sheets left in the original folders did not itemize which photographs were removed or how many. Using notations made in the videodisc collection and Keystone's own photograph identification numbers, as recorded on the original file folders and the photographs themselves, it was possible to find the location of most of the Keystone Aircraft Corporation photographs. With the exception of four folders, the videodisc locations for the Keystone photographs are included in the finding aid. The photographs remain in the National Air and Space Museum Videodisc Collection for ease of access.

Subseries VII:  Photographs I. Photographic sub-subseries
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