Subseries I: United States Patents, 1911-1939 Series II: Patent File Wrappers, 1916-1930
Subseries II: International Patents, 1916-1935

This subseries consists of information concerning patents issued by Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Canadian materials consist of the original patent certificate, holding the original signature of the Commissioner and containing papers and/or drawings signed by the patent holder. German and British materials do not contain the original patent and instead contain the correspondence between the Curtiss-Wright Patent Division and international patent offices and attorneys. 2 Materials are organized by country, then by patent number.

2 Patent names and holders were determined by searching "espacenet," the search engine of the European Patent Office,

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14 1 Canada Patent No. 168910, Glenn H. Curtiss, Hydroaeroplane boats, 4/18/1916
2 Canada Patent No. 173948, Glenn H. Curtiss, Multiple control systems for prime movers, 12/19/1916
3 Canada Patent No. 174099, Glenn H. Curtiss, Lubricating systems for travelling motors, 12/26/1916
4 Canada Patent No. 187241, Charles B. Kirkham, Aerial propeller fastenings, 10/29/1918
5 Canada Patent No. 187331, Glenn H. Curtiss and John P. Tarbox, Multiple step flying boats, 11/5/1918
6 Canada Patent No. 187332, Nelson W. Dalton, Convertible control systems, 11/5/1918
7 Canada Patent No. 187333, Nelson W. Dalton, Streamline shock absorbers, 11/5/1918
8 Canada Patent No. 187334, Henry Kleckler, Tail skids for aeroplanes, 11/5/1918
9 Canada Patent No. 187335, Henry Kleckler, Tail skids for aeroplanes, 11/5/1918
10 Canada Patent No. 187381, Henry Kleckler, Triplanes, 11/12/1918
11 Canada Patent No. 188301, Glenn H. Curtiss, Flying boat hulls, 1/14/1919
12 Canada Patent No. 188302, Glenn H. Curtiss, Aircraft, 1/21/1919
13 Canada Patent No. 190201, Henry Kleckler, Fuselages for aeroplanes, 5/6/1919
14 Canada Patent No. 191903, Glenn H. Curtiss, Triplane flying boats, 7/29/1919
15 Canada Patent No. 192354, Glenn H. Curtiss, Flying boats, 8/26/1919
16 Canada Patent No. 192355, Glenn H. Curtiss, Flying boat hulls, 8/26/1919
17 Canada Patent No. 192469, Glenn H. Curtiss, Autoplanes, 9/2/1919
18 Canada Patent No. 193014, Joseph G. Coffin, Barometer construction, 9/30/1919
19 Canada Patent No. 193580, Glenn H. Curtiss, Triplane speed scouts, 11/4/1919
20 Canada Patent No. 204593, Henry Kleckler, Dual interlocking controls, 10/5/1920
21 Canada Patent No. 206342, William L. Gilmore, Fighting aeroplanes, 12/7/1920
22 Canada Patent No. 206983, John A. Christen, Multiple control systems for multi-motored aircraft, 12/28/1920
23 Canada Patent No. 211904, Thomas S. Kemble, Exhaust mufflers, 5/24/1921
24 Canada Patent No. 217509, William L. Gilmore and Joseph F. Meade, Landing gear, 4/4/1922
25 Canada Patent No. 224499, William L. Gilmore and Glenn H. Curtiss, Hydro-aero machines, 10/3/1922
26 Canada Patent No. 229060, Grover Cleveland Loening, Airplanes, 2/27/1923
27 Canada Patent No. 253211, Grover Cleveland Loening, Airplanes, 9/1/1925
28 Germany Patent No. 81735, Sylvanus Albert Reed, Propeller, 5/3/1935
29 United Kingdom Patent No. 362748, Wright Aeronautical, assignee Roland Chilton, Improvements in or relating to yielding clutches, 12/10/1931
30 United Kingdom Patent No. 363201, Wright Aeronautical, assignee Roland Chilton, Improvements in or relating to cooling devices for internal combustion engines, 12/17/1931
31 United Kingdom Patent No. 371710, Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company, assignees George A. Page, Jr., and George E. Warren, Improvements in or relating to cowling rings, 4/28/1932
32 United Kingdom Patent No. 371892, Wright Aeronautical, assignee Rudolph Farewell Gagg, Improvements in or relating to shielding devices for electrical ignition systems, 4/29/1932

Subseries I: United States Patents, 1911-1939 Series II: Patent File Wrappers, 1916-1930
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