III.A.5:  Consulting Work III.B.1. General
Subseries III.B.
Private Life
(Cleveland, OH and Washington, DC)

This subseries consists of items relating to the Davises' life after his retirement from the Air Force, but not related to his work. The materials are arranged in subseries alphabetically by general subject.

This subseries contains twenty subseries:

III.B.1. Private Life (General)

III.B.2. Awards and Honors

III.B.3. Awards and Honors (B. O. Davis, Sr)

III.B.4. Biographical Articles

III.B.5. Boards and Commissions

III.B.6. Boards and Commissions (Agatha Davis)

III.B.7. Books, Documentaries, and Dramas

III.B.8. Civil Rights

III.B.9. Clubs and Organizations

III.B.10. Clubs and Organizations (Agatha Davis)

III.B.11. Commemoratives/Memorials

III.B.12. Correspondence

III.B.13. Department of Defense

III.B.14. Exhibits

III.B.15. Housing and Household Items

III.B.16. Newsclippings

III.B.17. Politics

III.B.18. Public Appearances

III.B.19. Travel

III.B.20. Miscellaneous

III.A.5:  Consulting Work III.B.1. General
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