Chronology Sample Box/Folder Listing
Series Listing

I. Education and Civilian Life (to June 1932)

II. Military Career (June 1932 to January 1970)

A. General Military Records

B. Scrapbooks and Photo Albums (through 1948)

C. Materials Arranged by Posting

1. United States Military Academy (West Point, NY), Cadet (1932-1936)

2. 24th Infantry Regiment (Ft. Benning, GA), Company Officer (1936-1937)

3. Infantry School (Ft. Benning, GA), Student (1937-1938)

4. Tuskegee Institute (Tuskegee, AL), Professor of Military Science (1938-1941)

5. Tuskegee AAF (Tuskegee, AL), Administrative Officer (1942)

6. 99th Fighter Squadron, Squadron Commander (1942-1943)

7. 332d Fighter Group, Group Commander (1943-1945)

8. Godman Field (Fort Knox, KY), Base Commander (1945-1946)

9. Lockbourne AAB/AAF/AFB (Lockbourne, OH), Base Commander (1946-1949)

10. Air War College (Maxwell AFB, AL), Student (1949-1950)

11. Directorate of Operations, Air Staff, Pentagon (Washington, DC), Chief of Fighter Branch (1950-1953)

12. 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing, Wing Commander (1953-1954)

13. Far East Air Force (Tokyo, Japan), Director of Operations and Training (1954-1955)

14. Air Task Force 13 (Taipei, Taiwan), Commander; also Vice Commander, Thirteenth Air Force (1955-1957)

15. Twelfth Air Force (Ramstein, Germany), Chief of Staff (1957)

16. USAF Europe (Ramstein/Wiesbaden, Germany), Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations (1957-1961)

17. Programs and Requirements, Headquarters, USAF, Pentagon (Washington, DC), Director of Manpower and Organization; Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff (1961-1965)

18. United Nations Command/US Forces Korea (Seoul, Korea), Chief of Staff (1965-1967)

19. Thirteenth Air Force (Clark AB, Philippines), Commanding Officer (1967-1968)

20. US Strike Command (MacDill AFB, FL), Deputy Commander-in-Chief (1968-1970)

21. Retirement (1970)

III. Civilian Life (February 1970 to 1993)

A. Employment

1. City of Cleveland, OH (Director of Public Safety)

2. US Dept of Transportation (Director of Civil Aviation Security)

3. US Dept of Transportation (Assistant Secretary of Transportation for Safety and Consumer Affairs/Assistant Secretary of Transportation for Environment, Safety, and Consumer Affairs)

4. US Dept of Transportation (Special Assistant to the Secretary on the 55 MPH Speed Limit)

5. Consulting Work

B. Private Life

1. General

2. Awards and Honors

3. Awards and Honors (Benjamin O. Davis, Sr.)

4. Biographical Articles

5. Boards and Commissions

6. Boards and Commission (Agatha Davis)

7. Books, Documentaries, and Films

8. Civil Rights

9. Clubs and Organizations

10. Clubs and Organizations (Agatha Davis)

11. Commemoratives/Memorials

12. Correspondence

13. Department of Defense

14. Exhibits

15. Housing and Household Items

16. News Clippings

17. Politics

18. Public Appearances

19. Travel

20. Miscellaneous

IV. Autobiography

A. Research Materials

1. General Research

2. Parents

3. United States Military Academy (West Point, NY)

4. General Army Air Force Records

5. Military Records

6. Unit Histories

B. Responses to Book

1. Correspondence

2. News Clippings and Tear Sheets

3. Public Appearances

Chronology Sample Box/Folder Listing
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