Series VI: Photographs Series VIII: Miscellaneous Files
Series VII: Trade Catalogues and Ephemera

A carton of material, mainly trade catalogues and price lists from various suppliers and dealers, was found stored with the Aerodrome A at the Museum's Paul E. Garber Facility in Suitland, Maryland with some evidence that it had come from Langley's workshop. Also included in the carton was a small piece of stained wood and a sheet of mica; both were transferred to the Museum's Aeronautics Division.

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46 1 Corbin Cabinet Locks Catalogue (1907)
2 Crane Co. Steam Goods Catalogue (1908)
3 Department of Agriculture Bulletin
4 Furniture Catalogues
5 Hardware catalogues and brochures

47 1 Lunkenheimer Fittings Catalogue
2 Machine tools catalogues
3 Nursery catalogues
4 Plumbing supplies and fittings catalogues
5 Smithsonian Institution publications (1908)
6 Specifications for Buoys and Appendages, U. S. Lighthouse Establishment (1898)
7 Tool catalogues
8 Wm. P. Walter's Sons Wood Workers' Tools catalogue (1885)
9 Waterman pen catalogue (nd)
10 Damaged catalogue fragments

Series VI: Photographs Series VIII: Miscellaneous Files
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