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Series and subseries organization

The Samuel P. Langley Collection is arranged in the following series:

Series I - Waste Books

Langley and his staff used waste books - bound ledgers - to keep records of their work on the aeronautical projects, which Langley inspected frequently.

Series II - Scrapbooks

A collection of 18 scrapbooks containing newspaper and magazine clippings on "aerial navigation". Projects by Langley, Maxim, Lilienthal and many obscure experimenters are included. Other clippings are included in Series VIII and XI.

Series III - Aeronautical Research and the Aerodromes

This series consists of notes, data, drawings and memoranda from Langley's aeronautical research at both the Smithsonian and the Allegheny Observatory. Subseries 2 contains material used in various Smithsonian exhibitions of the Langley Aerodromes. Some additional material is included in Series XI.

  • Subseries 1 - Design and Construction
  • Subseries 2 - Langley Aerodrome Exhibits

Series IV - Correspondence

Letters and memoranda written by and sent to S. P. Langley and his assistants, C. M. Manly and J. E. Watkins. Additional correspondence is included in Series XI.

  • Subseries 1 - S. P. Langley Correspondence
  • Subseries 2 - S. P. Langley's Assistants' Correspondence
  • Subseries 3 - Miscellaneous Correspondence

Series V - Manuscripts, Papers, Articles

Manuscripts, published articles and papers by Langley and others. See also Series XI.

  • Subseries 1 - Works by S. P. Langley
  • Subseries 2 - Miscellaneous Manuscripts, Articles, and Notes

Series VI - Photographs

Photographs, mainly of Langley's aerodromes. Additional photographs are included with Series XI.

Series VII - Trade Catalogues and Ephemera

Trade catalogues and price lists from various suppliers and dealers found stored with the Aerodrome A at the Museum's Paul E. Garber Facility in Suitland, Maryland.

Series VIII - Miscellaneous Files

Series IX - Flat Boxes and Oversized Material

Ledgers, drawings, test data, publications

Series X - Shorthand Diaries

A collection of 37 notebooks containing notes in an unidentified shorthand system, dating from 1898 to 1902, with 8 notebooks bearing partial dates or undated.

Series XI - Additional Material

After the publication of the Langley Collection finding aid, two additional boxes of correspondence, manuscript material, drawings and photographs were found in the Museum's rare book room, the Ramsey Room. This material has been included as a separate series.

Scope and content note Timeline
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