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Time Line of Lee Ya-Ching

Time Line of Lee Ya-Ching

The following timeline covers key events in Ya-Ching's life, as well world events. Events involving Ya-Ching are shown in normal type; world events are shown in italics.

1909M. Vallon flies first plane in China
1911China ousts the 2000 year old Imperial System for a Republic
April 16, 1912Lee Ya-Ching is born in Canton, China
1916Ya-Ching's mother dies of tuberculosis
1917China enters World War 1 on the side of the Allies
1926Begins career as a movie actress
1928Leaves the film industry and goes to school in England
1929The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is ousted from China
1929Goes to Switzerland
Sept. 1931Japan seizes control of Manchuria
Nov. 1931CCP resurfaces in China and forms the Chinese Soviet Republic in Jiangxi Province
May 1932Amelia Earhart becomes first woman to solo across the Atlantic
1933Begins flying lessons at Geneva's Cointrin-Ecol d'Aviation
1934Receives her pilot's license from Ecole Aero Club de Suisse
1935Attends and receives license from the Boeing School of Aeronautics in Oakland California
Falls out of an aerobatic plane, earning her membership in the Caterpillar Club
1936Receives her pilot's license from the Chinese Government
Opens a civilian flying school in Shanghai
1936First domestic airline established in China
1937Japan invades China
1937Helps establish hospitals in Shanghai
Earns Hong Kong commercial pilot's license
Flies for the Red Cross ferrying supplies from Hong Kong to Canton
1938Begins goodwill tour of United States and Canada
1939Appears in US film Disputed Passage with Dorothy Lamour
1940Flies "Estrella China" to Caribbean, Central and South America
Aids Ruth Nichols in raising money for Relief Wings
1941Begins working for United China Relief
12/07/1942Bombing of Pearl Harbor forces American entry into World War II
1944Begins Goodwill and Fund Raising tour of South America and Caribbean
August 1945Atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, followed by Japanese surrender and end of World War II
1946Returns to China and retires
1946Fighting between CCP and KMT (Nationalist party) resumes
1949KMT retreats to Taiwan
Mao Zedong establishes the People's Republic of China
1950Receives Hong Kong private pilot's license
1963Receives Hong Kong Special Purpose Pilot's license
1971Permanently moves to the United States
1997British rule ends in Hong Kong
January 28, 1998Dies at the age of 86

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