Postdoctoral Earth and Planetary Sciences Fellowship

The National Air and Space Museum has established the Postdoctoral Earth and Planetary Sciences Fellowship to support scientific research in this area. Scientists in the Center for Earth and Planetary Studies concentrate on geologic and geophysical research on Earth and other terrestrial planets, using remote sensing data obtained from Earth-orbiting and interplanetary spacecraft. Research also focuses on global environmental change.

Appointments can be made for one or more years. Stipends are compatible with NRC postdoctoral fellowships in the applicant's field.


CEPS anticipates the availability of two post-doctoral positions in the coming year. One position may be in any area of planetary science research. Applicants for the second position must focus on at least one of the following research areas: Analysis of (1) radar data for Venus and integration with geologic mapping, (2) lunar radar images for studies of impact melt and other deposits, (3) SHARAD sounding data for Mars with an emphasis on polar deposits. Skills in quantitative remote sensing analysis, planetary mapping and tectonics, GIS integration of remote sensing data, and electromagnetic modeling are potentially relevant.

No fellowship opportunities are available at this time. For more information, please email Rosemary Aiello.