Research Projects

The Museum's staff conducts research in three major areas: Aeronautics, Space History, and Earth and Planetary Studies. Below you find a selection of our most current projects.

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Research Highlights

Dr John Grant and Sharon Wilson spoke to International Innovation about their innovative research into Martian climate history and geology.

Selected Projects

Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity
Artist concept of rover Curiosity on Mars.
The main objective of Curiosity's mission is to "assess habitability" of both Mars' past and present environments.
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Degradation of Victoria Crater, Mars
Victoria Crater -- Mars
The main objective of our study was to determine the extent of Victoria crater's degradation to resolve its original, pristine crater morphology and the processes responsible for its modification.
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Geologic Mapping of Mars
Margaritifer Terra, Mars
Geologic mapping is an integral part of exploration and understanding a planetary landscape, because it shows the relationships between geologic units and helps delineate the history of a surface.
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