Aeronautics Department Staff

Dorothy Cochrane
General Aviation Aircraft and Flight Materiel

Roger Connor
Vertical Flight, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Instruments & Avionics

Dr. Evelyn Crellin
European Aviation

Dr. Peter Jakab
Chief Curator
Early Flight and World War I Aviation

Dr. Layne Karafantis
Curator, Modern Military Aircraft

Dr. Jeremy Kinney
Air Racing, Aircraft Propulsion, and American Military Aviation, 1919-1945

Russell Lee
Chair, Aeronautics Deparment
Sport Aircraft, Japanese World War II Aircraft

Christopher Moore
Museum Specialist

Dom Pisano

Dr. Dominick A. Pisano
Curator Emeritus
Posters; Social and Cultural Artifacts of Aviation

Carolyn Russo
Museum Specialist/Photographer
National Air and Space Museum Art Collection

Dr. Alex Spencer
British Military Aircraft, Flight Material, and Trophies and Awards

Dr. Bob van der Linden
Air Transportation and Special Purpose Aircraft