Space History Department Staff

Dr. Paul Ceruzzi
Guidance, Navigation, and Control

Dr. Martin Collins
Civilian applications satellites

James David
National security space, long-distance missiles

Dr. David DeVorkin
Senior Curator
Astronomy and space sciences

Hunter Hollins
Museum Program Specialist

Dr. Roger Launius
Associate Director, Collections and Curatorial Affairs
Lunar and Planetary Spacecraft

Dr. Jennifer Levasseur
Museum Specialist
Human Spaceflight Cameras and Astronaut Personal Equipment

Dr. Cathleen Lewis
International Space Programs

Jo Ann Morgan
Program Specialist
Oral histories

Dr. Valerie Neal
Curator and Chair, Space History Department
Human spaceflight –Space Shuttle and International Space Station

Dr. Allan A. Needell
Human spaceflight (Apollo)

Dr. Michael Neufeld
Senior Curator
Early Rocketry (to 1945) and Mercury-Gemini Spacecraft and Components

Dr. Margaret Weitekamp
Social and Cultural Dimensions of Spaceflight Collection