Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum


Funding for the National Air and Space Museum comes from several sources. The federal government provides appropriations for general operations, allowing the Museum to stay open seven days a week and host more than 8.5 million visitors in 2009. Other government organizations provide funds for exhibitions, public programs, and research.

Specific projects and general operating expenses are funded through private donations from individuals, companies, and corporations. This income enables the Museum to undertake new ventures, carry out innovative research, and develop new exhibitions and programming. In 2009, support from The Boeing Company made it possible for the Museum to host the Apollo 11 astronaut crew at the annual John H. Glenn Lecture. The Exploring Space Lecture series sponsored by Aerojet, the Charles Lindbergh lecture sponsored by Bombardier, and the GE Aviation Lecture Series sponsored by GE Aviation brought astronomy experts and history-making aviators to share their experiences. Private and corporate donations were essential to the opening of several new exhibits, including Alan Bean: First Artist on Another World, Moving Beyond Earth, and a new public observatory built for visitors to observe the daytime sky.

In 2009, the campaign to complete Phase Two of the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center continued to be a fundraising priority, with significant gifts from Airbus and the Lee H. Cruse Trust supporting this major restoration, storage, and conservation initiative. Over $66.3 million has been contributed by private donors for Phase Two, which is currently in construction at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center.

Finally, the Museum benefits from endowments, revenue from private events held at the Museum, and income-producing entities such as the Museum stores, theaters, and flight simulators.

National Air and Space Museum Financial Report
Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 2009

Revenues, in Percent, FY 2009
Federal Appropriations 49.01%
Contributions & Private Grants 29.61%
Government Grants & Contracts 4.41%
Investment Earnings 2.88%
Smithsonian Enterprises 7.94%
Other 6.15%
Total Revenue 100.00%


Expenses, in Percent, FY 2009
Salaries & Benefits 71.49%
Other Operating Expenses
          Federal Expenses
          Contributions & Private Grants 11.87%
          Gov't Grants, Contracts & Endowments 5.62%
Capital Expenses 0.42%
Total Expenses 100.00%


Financial Activity, in Millions of Dollars, FY 2009 and FY 2008
  2009 2008
Operating Revenue $32 $30
Operating Expenses $32 $30
Increase in Opperating Net Assets $0 $0
Increase (decrease) in other Assets $9 $18
Total increase (decrease) in Net Assets $9 $18


National Air and Space Museum Gift Report
Gifts to National Air and Space Museum

Purpose of Funds Raised, in Millions of Dollars, FY 2009
Operating $6 37.50%
Capital $9 56.25%
Endowments $1 6.25%
Total $16 100.00%


Funds Raised by Source, in Millions of Dollars, FY 2009
Private (Contributions) $14 87.50%
Earned (Memberships) $1 6.25%
Endowments $1 6.25%
Total $16 100.00%