National Air and Space Museum 2015 Annual Report

2015 Board

The Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum Board is comprised of distinguished supporters of the air and space community who provide leadership, advice, and support to the Museum's Director.

National Air and Space Museum Board
Back row from left to right: Robert A. Milton, Gregory L. McAdoo, Stuart L. Fred, Bruce R. McCaw, Donald W. Kirlin, John Suttle, Neil D. Cohen, Allan M. Holt, Steven VanRoekel, Morton Funger, Thomas F. Pumpelly, Orlando P. Carvalho, David M. Tolley, Shephard W. Hill, Roger D. Percy, Mark B. Dunkerley, T. Allan McArtor, Paul R. Wood, Scott C. Donnelly, H. Ross Perot, Jr., the John and Adrienne Mars Director Gen. John R. Dailey

Front row from left to right: Alain M. Bellemare, Jameson J. McJunkin, Meredith R. Siegfried, John L. Plueger, David L. Joyce, Ralph D. Heath, Thomas W. Haas, Dawne S. Hickton, Linda A. Mills, Robert L. James, Agnes M. Brown

Current Members

Joseph P. Allen IV
Alain M. Bellemare
David J. Bronczek
Orlando P. Carvalho
Neil D. Cohen
Frederico P.F. Curado
Mark B. Dunkerley
Scott C. Donnelly
Stuart L. Fred
Morton Funger
Thomas W. Haas, Advancement Committee Vice Chair
Ralph D.  Heath, Advancement Committee Chair
 Dawne S. Hickton
Shephard W. Hill
David L. Joyce, Chairman
Donald W. Kirlin
Greg McAdoo
T. Allan McArtor
Bruce R. McCaw
Jameson J. McJunkin
 Linda A. Mills
Robert A. Milton
H. Ross Perot, Jr.
John L. Plueger, Vice Chairman, and Nominations Committee Chair
Charles A. Robertson
Meredith R. Siegfried
David P. Storch
John E. Suttle
David M. Tolley
Steven VanRoekel
Paul R. Wood

Emeritus Members

James Albaugh
Ronald W. Allen
Javier F. Arango
Anne B. Baddour
Agnes M. Brown
Capt. Eugene A. Cernan, USN (Ret.)
Armando C. Chapelli, Jr.
Max C. Chapman, Jr.
Joseph Clark
Frank A. Daniels, Jr.
Edsel B. Ford II
Kenneth E. Gazzola
S. Taylor Glover
Randall A. Greene
James M. Guyette
Allan M. Holt
David R. Hinson
David C. Hurley
Robert James
Clayton M. Jones
Herbert D. Kelleher
Rodney R. Lewis
Steven R. Loranger
Capt. James A. Lovell, USN (Ret.)
Adrienne Bevis Mars
Robert J. Mittman
Thomas G. Morr
Lloyd "Fig" Newton
Jack J. Pelton
Roger D. Percy
Robert W. Pittman
Thomas F. Pumpelly
Jon A. Reynolds, Ph.D.
Donald B. Rice
John Safer
Richard Sugden
Frederick W. Telling
Charles B. Thornton
Patty Wagstaff
Bruce N. Whitman