National Air and Space Museum 2015 Annual Report

Permanent Exhibitions

Dynamic Sun Video Wall
Visitors marvel at recent high-resolution images of the sun on the Museum's new Dynamic Sun Video Wall.
  • The Museum collaborated with the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and NASA to produce a Dynamic Sun Video Wall in the Museum in Washington, DC. The 7-by-6-foot wall shows full Sun observations captured the previous day, space-weather forecasts, and scientific explanations of solar features. The high-resolution images help visitors better understand the complexities of the Sun’s behavior.
  • New additions to the Exploring the Planets gallery at the Museum in Washington, DC, showcase past and current missions that study other worlds in the solar system. Visitors can learn about the dwarf planet, Pluto, with the addition of a full-scale model of the New Horizons spacecraft and an expanded display on Pluto that explains some of the findings that have already been discovered, as well as what New Horizons hopes to achieve. Furthermore, museumgoers can learn more about how scientists explore Mars by viewing three generations of Mars Rovers on display, Marie Curie, Spirit/Opportunity, and Curiosity. These new additions to Exploring the Planets were made possible through the support of NASA.