National Air and Space Museum 2015 Annual Report

Other Public Programs and Events

Suiting Up for a Spacewalk
Space history curator Cathleen Lewis speaks with a visitor at the evening program, "Suiting Up for a Spacewalk."
  • The Museum hosted three paid evening events aimed at an adult audience. In each case, attendees enjoyed themed cuisine, discussions with experts, and other activities:
  • Ask an Expert Talks. Museum experts regularly give short talks to the public about the history or personalities related to a specific artifact or exhibition on exhibit.
    1,012 attendees
  • National Geography Awareness Week occurs every year in mid-November. In 2015, the Museum celebrated with a “Geography from Space” game at the Museum in Washington, DC and an online contest.
    321 people participated in person, and 59 online. Participants came from 35 states and 19 countries.
  • Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center Open House. Visitors are given a behind-the-scenes look at the work that goes on at the Center.
    8,500 attendees
  • Creative Mornings Event, co-hosted with Creative Mornings DC. This event drew young professionals for a light breakfast and a talk about science fiction’s creative treatments of space travel and time.
    Presenter: Margaret Weitekamp, Space History Curator
    180 attendees
  • NACA Centenary Symposium, “100 Years of Aerospace Research and Development,” co-sponsored with NASA
    100 scholars attended


  • Band concerts
    • Cherry Blossom Concert, featuring the U.S. Air Force Band’s Max Impact at the Museum in Washington, DC
      1,100 attendees
    • Spring and Summer Concert Series, featuring U.S. military bands, at the Museum in Washington, DC
      9,000 attendees
    • "Music at the Museum" Summer Band Concert Series, featuring U.S. military and local bands at the Udvar-Hazy Center
      1,000 attendees
      The "Music at the Museum" concert series was made possible by the generous support of The Claude Moore Charitable Foundation.
    • Independence Day Concert, featuring the United States Air Force Band's Ceremonial Brass Quintet at the Museum in Washington, DC
      750 attendees
    • Holiday Concert Series, featuring the U.S. Air Force Bands, at the Museum in Washington, DC
      850 attendees