Cushion, Command Module, Locker B3, Apollo 11


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The stowage of numerous personal items and loose equipment on Apollo missions was in compartments and lockers. Compartments are part of the crew compartment structure. The aluminum lockers are packed with equipment in an assembly building and attached to the aft bulkhead and equipment bays a short time before launch. The compartment and locker doors have squeeze-type latches and can be opened and closed with one hand. Inside, equipment is placed in "cushions," which are inserted into the compartments and lockers to protect stowed items during launch and reentry.

This cushion was installed in locker B3 during the Apollo 11 mission in July 1969. It was transferred to the Smithsonian in 1970.

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National Air and Space Museum

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Do not reproduce without permission from the Smithsonian Institution, National Air and Space Museum


Credit Line

Transferred from NASA


  • Synthetic Rubber/Plastic Foam (Possibly Polysterene)
  • Paint
  • Synthetic Fabric


Overall: 9 3/4 × 7 7/8 × 7 3/4 in. (24.8 × 20 × 19.7cm)

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United States of America



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