Donald D. Engen Aero Club Trophy for Aviation Excellence

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The Aero Club Trophy for Aviation Excellence is awarded annually by the Aero Club of Washington, D.C. The Aero Club founded in 1909, seeks to honor an individual, team, corporation, or organization that reaffirms the Wright Brothers' standard of excellence in aviation. The criteria for the trophy include: technological advances; development of aviation policy acts of courage or professionalism; and lifetime achievements in the aviation field.


1993 Herb Kelleher, Southwest Airlines

1994 Senator Wendell Ford, U.S. Senate

1995 Edward W. Stimpson, GAMA

1996 Joint FAA/JAA 777 Certification Team

1997 James A. Wilding, MWAA

1998 Robert Crandall, American Airlines

1999 Donald D. Engen

2000 Najeeb Halaby

2001 L. Welch Pogue

2002 Alan S. Boyd

2003 Not Awarded (due to the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster)

2004 Don Lopez, NASM

2005 STS-114 Discovery Shuttle Crew

2006 Scott Crossfield

2007 Langhorne Bond

2008 Phil Boyer

2009 William DeCota

2010 Carl W. Vogt

2011 Jane Garvey

2012 National Aviation Hall of Fame

2013 The Tuskegee Airmen

2014 Charles “Chip” Barclay

2015 Will Ris

2016 Walter Boyne

2017 J. Randolph Babbitt

2018 Margaret Jenny