Glove, Left, Cernan, Apollo, Modified Intravehicular to Extravehicular

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This Extra-Vehicular (EV) glove was worn by astronaut Eugene Cernan during training sessions prior to his Apollo 10 mission in May 1969. This particular glove started life as an Intra-Vehicular (IV) glove, later being modified to an Extra-Vehicular (EV) glove, by the addition of a thermal cover-layer.

The Extra-Vehicular (EV) glove assembly was a modified Intra-Vehicular (IV) glove covered with a multi-layered assembly providing scuff, abrasion, fire and thermal protection to the interior. Woven stainless steel (Chromel-R) was incorporated over the palm for additional thermal insulation, and the fingertips were made of high strength silicone rubber which provided a measure of sensitivity for the astronaut.

EV gloves were designed to be locked into place with a "dog" and "O" ring system, and the IV and EV gloves were interchangable. The wrist locking rings were color coded with blue for the left wrist and red for the right. This color-coding was used throughout the Manned Space Program.

Transferred to the National Air and Space Museum from NASA in 1977.