Hamilton Propeller, Variable-Pitch, Two-Blade, Metal


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Thomas F. Hamilton, born in 1894, had a long history in aviation, including hot-air balloons, gliders, and seaplanes. When the Matthews Brothers Manufacturing Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, primarily a producer of furniture, sought to enter the wood propeller business during World War I, it hired Hamilton in 1917 as general manager of its aircraft department. He bought the propeller business from Matthews in 1919 and formed the Hamilton Aero Manufacturing Company, later becoming a secondary source to the United States government for the ground-adjustable propeller pioneered by Standard Steel.

William E. Boeing, one of the founders of the United Aircraft and Transport Corporation, enticed Hamilton to join UATC. With the later acquisition of Standard Steel, the Hamilton Standard Propeller Corp. was formed in 1929.

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National Air and Space Museum

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Found in collection. Donor unknown at this time. Found on NASM premises.


Aluminum alloy, Steel, Preservative coating, Paper, Adhesive


Storage (Rehoused on an aluminum pallet with five other objects): 252.1 × 154.9 × 88.9cm, 433.2kg (99 1/4 × 61 × 35 in., 955lb.)

Country of Origin

United States of America

Physical Description

  • Type: Two-Blade, Variable-Pitch, Metal
  • Diameter: 518.2 cm (204 in.)
  • Chord: 33.0 cm (13 in.)
  • Engine Application: Unknown


PROPULSION-Propellers & Impellers

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