Le Tricolore. Aérostat de 800 mêtres cubes, Diamêtre 11m 53.


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Gift of the Norfolk Charitable Trust


Print, Planographic Process on Paper, Colored


  • Mat: 62.2 × 42.5cm (24 1/2 × 16 3/4 in.)
  • Unmatted: 52.7 × 33.3cm (20 3/4 × 13 1/8 in.)


June 6, 1874

Physical Description

  • Colored planographic print of 'Le Tricolore' balloon. Image shows the large yellow balloon aloft with two men and one woman in the basket. The balloon is that of Claude Jules Duruof (1841-1899), one of the aeronaut/heroes of the Siege of Paris. At 8 am on September 20, 1870 he flew a balloon out of besieged Paris. He was later charged with cooperating with the communards, but acquitted.
  • This lithograph was signed by Duruof on June 6, 1874. The year before, he and his wife ascended in threatening weather when the crowd questioned their courage, remarking, "Let us show then that we are not afraid to die." The pair disappeared into the mist and were forced down and presumed lost. Their rescue by the English fishing boat Grand Charge was much celebrated.
  • The diameter of the balloon is given as 11 meters 53. Scale is given as 25 mille=1 meter.


ART-Prints, Original

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