McDonnell XPJ40-MD-2 Pulsejet Engine


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This pulsejet, which was similar to the more famous German V-1 of World War II, powered a U.S. Navy Katydid target drone, also built by the McDonnell Aircraft Corporation between 1946-1947. The drone could be either air-launched or fired from a AT-1 catapult on land.

Katydid was usually carried on the bomb racks of a PB4Y Catalina aircraft, and was parachute-recovered for re-use. The endurance of the drone was about 0.7 hours. Its maximum speed was 280 km/hr (175 miles per hour).

Collection Item Long Description:

Data Source

National Air and Space Museum

Credit Line

Transferred from the U.S. Navy


Length 182 cm (71.5 in.), Diameter 19 cm (7.5 in.)

Country of Origin

United States of America


Circa 1945

Physical Description

  • Type: Pulsejet
  • Thrust: 267 N (60 lb)


PROPULSION-Turbines (Jet)

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