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Model, Dynasoar X-20


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This object is on display in the Moving Beyond Earth exhibition at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.

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This is a model of unknown scale of the X-20 Dyna-soar (Dynamic Soaring), the prototype for a single-piloted spaceplane. Originally conceived by German aerospace design Eugen Saenger as a skip-glide rocket bomber with intercontinental range, the concept was transformed by the U.S. Air Force into a manned reconnaissance platform in space. Designed to be launched by rocket into orbit, the X-20 was a "lifting body" design and would have landed like an airplane. The Dyna Soar program was cancelled in December 1963, before the first manned test flight that was scheduled for the following year. This model was built and donated by Boeing to NASM in 1990.

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Data Source

National Air and Space Museum


Do not reproduce without permission from the Smithsonian Institution, National Air and Space Museum


Credit Line

Gift of the Boeing Aerospace Company.


acrylic plastic, brass, paint


Model: 4.5 × 27.8 × 16cm (1 3/4 × 10 15/16 × 6 5/16 in.)

Country of Origin

United States of America


MODELS-Manned Spacecraft & Parts

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