Nakajima Kasei 25 Engine

Specifications issued to Nakajima in 1939 for the Japanese Navy called for a 3-seat, carrier-based, torpedo bomber with a top speed of 464 kph (288 mph), a normal operating range of 1,853 km (1,151 miles), and a weapons load equal to the B5N.

Derived from a 1936 Navy specification, the B5N, Allied codename KATE, went into operational service in 1938 and saw considerable action in China. So thoroughly did U. S. Navy Hellcat pilots dominate the air that Japanese pilots flying the B6N sank no Allied ships and failed to inflict appreciable damage.

Engine: Mitsubishi Kasei 25 (MK4T, Ha32-25)

14-cylinder air-cooled radial

1,850 horsepower (Metric)