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"Dinner in honor of Orville Wright at the Engineers' Club, Boston, Mass., June 12, 1916, as part of the ceremonies of dedicating the new building of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. Seated - left to right: (1) John Ritchie, Jr., M.I.T. Publicity; (2) Mr. C. P. Page, Van Blerk Motor Co.; (3) Prof. Arthur E. Kennelly, Prof. of electrical Engineering, M.I.T. (4) Prof. E. B. Willson, Prof. of Mathematics, M.I.T.; (5) Mr. Philip J. Roosevelt; (6) Mr. James P. Monroe, Secretary of the Corporation, M.I.T.; (7) Mr. Godfrey L. Cabot, President, Aero Club of New England; (8) Mr. Paul W. Litchfield, President, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company; (9) Prof. Byerly, Mathematician, Harvard; (10) Rear Admiral Washington Lee Capps Chief Constructor, U. S. Navy; (11) Mr. Orville Wright; (12) Prof. C. H. Peabody, head of Naval Architecture Dept., M.I.T.; (13) Dr. Alexander Graham Bell; (14) Mr. Edward M. Hagar, President, Wright-Martin Company. Standing - left to right: (1) Mr. J. H. Barbazette, Wright-Martin Co.; (2) Lester D. Gardner, Publisher of Aviation Magazine; (3) Mr. Roy Knabenshue; (4) Prof. J. C. Riley, M.I.T.; (5) Mr. Raymond Ware, Thomas Motor Co.; (6) Mr. Thomas Huff, Instructor in Aeronautical Engineering, M.I.T.; (7) Mr. Alan R. Hawley, President, Aero Club of America; (8) Mr. Glenn L. Martin, Martin Aeroplane Company; (9) Mr. Oscar Brindley, Holder of Curtiss Marine Flying Trophy; (10) Prof. R. W. Willson, Harvard University; (11) Prof. A. G. Webster, Professor of Physics, Clark University; (12) Dr. J. C. Hunsaker, Assistant Naval Constructor, U. S. Navy; (13) James Means, Pub. of Aeronautical Annual 1896-99; (14) Mr. A. Klemin, Instructor in Aeronautical Engineering, M.I.T."

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