Parts, Inertial Measurement Unit, SC101, Apollo 7


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This Inertial Measurement Unit was carried on the Apollo 7 spacecraft, the first Apollo mission to carry a human crew, in October 1968. It measured accelerations and the position of the spacecraft in the Zero-G environment of Earth orbit. Those data were then used by the crew and the on-board digital computer to maneuver the spacecraft during its mission, and to position it for a safe return to Earth.

NASA transferred this object to the Musuem in 1975.

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Data Source

National Air and Space Museum

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Do not reproduce without permission from the Smithsonian Institution, National Air and Space Museum

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Transferred from National Aeronautics and Space Administration


  • HAZMAT: Beryllium, HAZMAT: Magnesium, Aluminum, Paint, Nylon, Copper, Gold Plating, Plastic, Acrylic (Plexiglas), Cork,
  • Adhesive, Epoxy, Composite


3-D: 33 x 26.7cm (13 x 10 1/2 in.)

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United States of America



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