Rand History Project Interviews, 1985-1990


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This project constitutes one of several oral history projects conducted within the Department of Space History, NASM. The principal investigator for this project was Martin Collins and the following individuals were interviewed: Bruno Augenstein; Robert Bacher (with Lee DuBridge); Edward Barlow; Robert Belzer; Paul Blasingame; Edward Bowles; Frank Collbohm; Merton Davies; Richard Frick; Lawrence Henderson; Charles Hitch; Amrom Katz; Scott King; Burt Klein; David Novick; Malcolm Palmatier; Ernst Plessett; Edward Quade; Arthur Raymond; Ben Rumph; Robert Salter; Bernard Schriever; Gustave Shubert; Robert Specht; Hans Speier; George Tanham; Crawford Thompson; and Albert Wohlstetter.

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  • Aeronautics, Military
  • Aeronautical engineers
  • Aeronautics designers
  • Aeronautics
  • Astronautics and state
  • Astronautics
  • Cold War
  • Military art and science

Data Source

National Air and Space Museum Archives

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Collins, Martin


  • Collins, Martin
  • Bowles, Edward
  • Henderson, Lawrence
  • Hitch, Charles Johnston
  • Katz, Amron H
  • King, Scott
  • Klein, Burton H
  • Novick, David
  • Palmatier, Malcolm
  • Plessett, Ernst
  • Collbohm, Frank
  • Thompson, Crawford
  • Wohlstetter, Albert
  • Tanham, George
  • Schriever, Bernard
  • Shubert, Gustave
  • Specht, Robert D
  • Speier, Hans
  • Salter, Robert
  • Rumph, Ben
  • Raymond, Arthur
  • Quade, Edward
  • Davies, Merton E
  • Frick, Richard Henry 1916-
  • Blasingame, Paul
  • Belzer, Robert
  • Augenstein, Bruno W
  • Bacher, Robert
  • DuBridge, Lee A (Lee Alvin) 1901-
  • Barlow, Edward J
  • Rand Corporation
  • United States Air Force

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3.27 cubic feet (3 records center boxes)


  • 1985
  • 1985-1990


  • This collection consists only of the interview transcripts. The tapes are housed in the National Air and Space Museum Space History Department. Similar materials, specifically a series of videohistories on the same topic, are housed in the Smithsonian Institution Archives in the "Research and Development (RAND) Corporation Videohistory Collection," local collection number SIA 9536.
  • This collection consists of the transcripts for the Rand History Project interviews, which is a dual institutional study of the RAND Corporation and its military sponsor, the Air Force. This collection covers the period 1945 though the early 1960s and consists of 104 hours of interviews with 29 individuals. The RAND interviews were conceived as another angle of inquiry on the relations between expert knowledge and the military in the early Cold War. RAND drew together engineers, scientists, and mathematicians whose specialties were oriented toward military hardware design and the physical sciences and sociologists, political scientists, economists, psychologists, and other social science and humanities specialists. All were organized within a single institution to study the problem of warfare in the cold War, especially from the perspective of the Air Force.

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National Air and Space Museum, Archives Division, MRC 322, Washington, DC, 20560


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