Rocket, Launch Vehicle, Test, Saturn I, Block 1


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This is a Saturn 1 Block 1 test launch vehicle, examples of which successfully launched during 1961-1963. The Saturn 1 was the basic test vehicle that led to the development of the Saturn V that carried men to the Moon for Project Apollo. The Block 1 second and third stages had dummy stages. The Block 2 differed in having a live upper stage and fins on its first stage.

To save money in its development, the Saturn 1 used existing hardware. The first was assembled from a lengthened Jupiter missile tank in the center with eight lengthened Redstone missile tanks around it. This Saturn 1 was transferred to the Smithsonian from the NAS/Marsahall Space Flight Center in 1980.

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National Air and Space Museum

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Do not reproduce without permission from the Smithsonian Institution, National Air and Space Museum

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Transferred from NASA-Marshall Space Flight Center


Mainly, thin gauge aluminum body; engines, stainless steel and other metals; red rubber around three of the four H-1 engines; a gray rubber material around the fourth H-1 engine; engine bands, rusted and with graffiti; panels around engines, steel.


  • Overall: 260 in. wide x 1984 in. long x 257 in. diameter (660.4 x 5039.37 x 652.78cm)
  • Other (second stage): 220 in. diameter (558.8cm)
  • Other (third stage): 120 in. diameter (304.8cm)
  • Other (loaded): 927000 lb. (420484.4kg)


CRAFT-Missiles & Rockets

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